A Few Univeresal Points

A Few Univeresal Points

If there’s one theme for Truck 2014, it is this: we play exciting games.

In two tournaments’ worth of games (14 games over four days of play at Chesapeake Invite and Colorado Cup), we’ve had eight of those games come down to the final pull. We’ve won all of the double game points we’ve played on Saturday. We’ve lost all of the ones we’ve played on Sunday. Oof.

We have an overall record of 7-7. We have wins over Atlanta’s Chain Lightning, Minnesota Sub-Zero, Michigan High Five, San Francisco’s Boost Mobile, Denver’s Inception, Florida United, and Columbus’ Madcow. We have losses to Chicago Machine, Toronto GOAT, Santa Barbara’s Condors, Florida United, New York’s PONY, High Five, and Sub-Zero.

Of those games, our biggest win was 13-7 over Sub-Zero at Chesapeake and 13-9 against Madcow in Colorado, and a two point win over High Five at Colorado. Our biggest losses were by three points to Condors, and two points to GOAT and High Five at Chesapeake.

Otherwise, we’ve won or lost by a single point in the eight other games. Some of those games we probably should have lost. Chain dropped a late hammer that would have helped them hold a lead instead of see us gain a late break. Other times, we should have won but lost. We missed Wodatch open by several yards in the end zone on an away shot to beat Sub-Zero on Sunday morning at Colorado. They went on to break us twice in a row, ending universe point with a sweet hammer grab.

A few thoughts:

1)     Good competition: As opposed to previous years where tournament attendance varied much more, the Triple Crown Tour has done a nice job bringing tough competition to every tournament. There are no easy games and there’s no warm up tournament.

2)     Shorter Games: Tournament format so far has dictated that most of our games are played only to 13, if not capped earlier. It’d be interesting to see if as many games would have gone to universe if played out to 15.

3)     Integrating rosters: We’re lucky enough to pull talent from two pro teams (MLU Current and AUDL Breeze). Nine of the guys on our final roster are new to the time since last year, with six of those making their elite club debut.

4)     Pro Season Hangover? Maybe. Or Maybe Not: While burnout can be common (Current tryouts starting in January on a Saturday morning at 5 am — WOOF), the likely villain here is the calendar when looking at some of our early season hiccups. With the Current season so successful and the AUDL season longer anyway, our tryout process was always the day after a big game for one or both teams. Tryouts ran late into June, with our roster not being set until after Chesapeake in July. To date, we’ve had one practice as a team (the day after MLU Championships and AUDL playoffs) and two tournaments. August and September offer the team the most time to gel and build our system, with only one more tournament before the series starts.

Tournament Notes:

Chesapeake Invite
Saturday: 3-1, Chain (W, uni), High Five (L), Sub (W), FL United (W, uni)
Sunday: 0-3, Machine (L, uni), GOAT (L), FL United (L, uni)

Missing: Alan Kolick (inj., whoops), Chris Kocher (inj.). Ryan Nam and Sam Trachtman joined us Sunday after playing in a low-numbers (players, not fan attendance), low-stakes pro game in New York the night before.

*Was a tryout tournament. We did names in the morning and wore spray painted jerseys.


Colorado Cup
Saturday: 3-1, Condors (L), High Five (W), Inception (W, uni), Boost (W, uni)
Sunday: 1-2, Subzero (L, uni), PONY (L, uni), Madcow (W)

Missing: Alan Kolick (inj.), Matt Gordon, Bobby Gordon, Keven Moldenhour, Ben Feng, Rico Johnson, Ben Flemming

*Jersey Update: We got our lights from Spin and our shorts. Darks couldn’t make the trip. No need. We won the jersey flip every time!

Saturday Trucker Shirt Award Winner: Duke

Sunday Trucker Shirt Award Winner: Peter Prial

Advertorial: Get the latest looks for August at http://doistyle.tumblr.com/

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