Truck Stop 2015 Begins…

Truck Stop 2015 Begins…

First things first, here’s our roster:

Alan Kolick
Ben Feng
Bobby Gordon
Bradley Scott*
Brian Marshall
Calvin Oung
Cody Johnston
Duke Boylan-Kolchin
David Cranston – Captain
Delrico Johnson
Eric Miner
Erik Salmi
Jeff Wodatch – Captain
Joe Freund*
John Agan
Jonathan Neeley – Captain
Keven Moldenhauer
Markham Shofner
Matt Gordon
Matthew Rowan McDonnell*
Nate Castine*
Nicky Spiva*
Peter Prial
Sean Childers*
Seth Wiggins*
Tom Doi
Tyler Monroe*

Coach: Mike LoPresti

*= First Year Trucker
We owe a huge thanks to everyone who tried out and pushed our selection process. The depth of talent in the area is staggering and we are excited and honored to have been tested by such talented and dedicated ultimate players.

Let’s hit a few key roster highlights:

  • Coach Mike LoPresti comes to us after helping build Scandal Ultimate into one of the top women’s club teams in the country. Early observations report that he seems to be very smart about protecting his skin from the sun.
  • Rookie Joe Freund, 17, was not alive when Keven Moldenhauer started playing in college and was only two-years-old when Keven went to his first College Nationals.
  • Captains Jonathan Neeley, David Cranston, and Jeff Wodatch all return as the Captains of 2015 Truck Stop. Cranston is fresh off of his first USA National Team Duty at beach worlds, winning gold. Neeley was part of an all-star mixed team that won USAU Nationals a few years ago and he played Worlds with them later. Wodatch is teaching himself guitar.
  • The 2015 incoming rookie class has combined to play in five Worlds tournaments (including two finals), won two USAU Club National titles, appearances in two USAU Club Nationals finals, seven semis, nine quarterfinals, one runner-up for Callahan, one UPA College Nationals Finals appearance, and one just went to a really great prom.
  • Two Truckers used to support themselves financially by playing online poker for a living.
  • Tom Doi rides a motorcycle. That guy is cool AF.
  • B Marsh just got a motorcycle. We are all extremely concerned.
  • Since Keven got his UPA id number, there were 222,023 people who got a UPA/USAU number before Joe got his, presumably last week. That’s enough people to form more than 8,223 club teams with full rosters.
  • Jonathan Neeley runs his own Toastmasters club.
  • All Dad Team: Keven (2), Duke, Bobby (2), Matt, B Marsh ( est 4).
  • The average age of the team is 27.5 years. Sludge Ultimate cares about this kind of thing.
  • We have 15 truckers who live in Washington, DC, where they do not have a vote in the US House of Representatives nor the US Senate. All of us pay taxes. Hopefully Sludge Ultimate also cares about this kind of thing.
  • UPDATE, Ben Feng Word Count (BFWC): He sent a 17 word email about going to a baseball game. He sent this email 12 minutes after the captains first emailed Truck Stop 2015 for the very first time.

Our season schedule:

USAU US Open Tournament, Cincinnati, OH: July 2-5

USAU Pro-Elite Crossover, Denver, CO: Aug. 1-2

USAU Pro Flight Finale, Minneapolis, MN: Aug. 22-23

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