Truck Endorses Not Trump

Truck Stop Ultimate Endorses Not Donald J. Trump for President

From our founding as Truck Stop Glory Hole in 2005(ish), Truck Stop has remained a group of individuals highly focused on ultimate, and remained apolitical. For the first time in our history, that is changing. After months of deliberation, we can no longer stand quietly on the sidelines during what is likely the biggest D point in our nation’s recent history.

Today, members of Truck Stop are urging the ultimate community to cease any support for the Republican Party’s nominee for President of the United States, Donald Trump. This comes after Trump’s most recent revelations on tape offering nothing short of patently offensive comments have left us, and you, no choice.

He is simply not the right choice for a sport that wishes to stand behind the principles of gender equity. Duh. Even a team founded as Truck Stop Glory Hole (which is of course gender-ambivalent as you just don’t know who/what is on the other side) can see that. When added to his comments slandering most people on the planet, we feel strongly we must endorse voting for Not Donald Trump.

He is not right for men’s. He is not right for women’s. Heck, he’s not even right for mixed. He’s not right about our blossoming youth ultimate players. It might be right for master’s — men’s only. At a time when ultimate is making great strides forward in the push for gender equity and mutual respect, it is frankly a little surprising we even have to say this. We have seen comment after comment after comment reveal a stunningly poor demeanor to represent the United States as our team captain. He does not have good spirit and he travels on every flick huck.

We do not support voting for Trump. We won’t tell you who to vote for. But we do not support voting for a third party candidate – this election is simply too important to waste your vote on symbolism and all of the third party candidates are single-issue anyway. Likewise, we do not support or urge you to not vote in some misguided attempt to seem cool. Your vote matters. And you have to use it, however your heart guides you.

But we urge you, deeply, not to vote for Donald J. Trump. And don’t vote third party. Or fourth party, if that’s also a thing. And don’t not vote.

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