Truck and Breeze partner officially


We’re partnering with the DC Breeze for the 2017 season!

In 2016, 14 members of Truck Stop played pro ultimate with the DC Breeze. Both teams had great runs– the Breeze were an overtime loss away from winning the AUDL East, and Truck Stop reached the quarterfinals at USA Ultimate’s Club Championships– but pulling double duty was exhausting. This year, to let those who play for both teams better streamline their energy, Truck and the Breeze are partnering.

This is mostly about consolidating leadership and tryouts.

The biggest thing is our leadership will be the same. We’re thrilled to announce that Darryl Stanley, formerly of the Philadelphia Spinners and Philly’s men’s club team Citywide, will be Truck Stop’s head coach. Darryl will also be the head coach of the Breeze, and all three of Truck Stop’s captains are playing for the Breeze as well. That means the teams will use similar strategies, systems, and philosophies.

Also, Truck Stop’s open tryout will be the same as the Breeze’s open tryout: it’s on Sunday, March 5th, and we’re still finalizing the location and time. After that, there will be invite tryouts the third and fourth weekends of March, with the Breeze selecting a 32-person roster after that. Anyone who makes that roster will be eligible to make Truck’s final roster, which we’ll set in early June.

What if I want to play for Truck Stop but can’t make it to Breeze tryouts? What if I want to play for the Breeze but not for Truck Stop?

We certainly don’t want March to be the only time Truck Stop is open to new and unknown talent showing up and trying out, especially understanding the timing is hard for college players. If you want to try out for Truck but can’t make the open tryout in March, send an email to once you know when you’ll be in town/available, and we’ll get you out to a Breeze practice, a workout, a mini game, or something else. We want to be sure you get the look you deserve!

There will definitely be Breeze players who don’t play for Truck Stop; the Breeze has already signed a handful of players who have committed to other club teams for 2017, and playing for Truck won’t be a prerequisite for making the Breeze. All players on the Breeze’s 32-player extended roster will have a fair chance at making the 28-player final roster that will be set in June.

Once Truck sets its roster and the Breeze sets its final roster, players who are Truck-only and Breeze-only will overlap. All Truck players will be invited to practice with the Breeze, and all Breeze players– even those not on the playoff roster– will still be expected to practice and travel with the team.

We’re excited about our relationship with the Breeze and the energy we expect at the coming tryout, and for the 2017 season as a whole. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to email

Also, a special request: we especially want tryout info to get to as many college players as possible. We’re going to do our best to get it to them over the coming weeks, but if you know any young players who might be interested in trying out for Truck or the Breeze, please pass the info along!
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