Holy #&@^! We won Pro-Elite Challenge!

Holy #&@^! We won Pro-Elite Challenge!

In our first tournament of the 2016 season, Truck Stop went 6-1 and took first place at the Pro-Elite Challenge in Aurora, CO. This is the first tournament win in the regular season for Truck Stop in more than six seasons, with our last tournament win also coming at Colorado Cup. We came in as the 5th seed of the tournament, sharing a pool with Ring of Fire, Johnny Bravo, and Guerrilla.

In pool play, we handled newcomers from the Bay Area Guerrilla and an undermanned Ring , but fell to Johnny Bravo who executed a very clean game against us.

Ring Alumni Kantor – 1-0.
Bravo Alumni Keegan – 0-1.


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Rookie John Wodatch wears a visor, in clear violation of team dress codes.

Finishing second in our pool, we drew a prequarters game against Kansas City Prairie Fire to end the day. After starting out slow, we got the break train rolling and finished out with a 13-10 win to earn a spot in the quarterfinals against Austin Doublewide.

On Sunday, our O-line came to play. In three games (Doublewide, High Five, and Bravo in the finals), our O-line played two games without getting broken once. That includes defending a dropped pull in the endzone early in the Doublewide game that got the squad WOKE. More on this play below in the accolades.

In all three games, we took half 7-3 thanks to some big time d-line play to earn breaks and punch in the score. Over the next two weeks we play two tournaments, first this coming weekend at the Chesapeake Open and then the Pro Flight Finale in Washington State.
Check out the scores and results here. Ultiworld recap of the finals here. Ultiphotos here.

Time for some accolades!

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Markham calling on the sun god to smile upon Truck Stop.

Breakout Trucker of the Tournament: Sounds odd to award this to a four-year veteran of Truck Stop, but its gotta go to Eric “Astro” Miner who had a huge tournament scoring goals and dropping in a few dimes of his own. He’s been incorporated into the offense more this year as a cutter and it’s paying off. “I’ve always been tall and I’m pretty fast, especially over a distance. I guess I finally realized I could just be tall and be fast on the field and score a lot of goals. Huh, I guess I should have thought of that sooner.” ~Astro, probably.

Cavalier Logistics Piping Hot Biscuit Delivery of the Weekend: Very early in the Doublewide game, we had a dropped pull that gave Doublewide the disc on our endzone. After some very STOUT defense that produced a high stall turnover, Sean Keegan picked up the disc on the cone and immediately ripped a massive full-field huck that hit Peter Prial in stride. In a weekend full of biscuits, this was the flakiest and most perfect-est biscuit of them all.

Oak Creek Jerseys WTF Play of the Game: In the finals coming out of a timeout on Bravo’s endzone, Rowan throws a crazy scoober to B Marsh at the back of the endzone almost immediately, center stack. B Marsh makes a huge leaping grab and pirouettes his foot to land in bounds for the break. Overheard on the sideline after:
Salmi: Was that the play call out of the huddle?
Agan (who was in the huddle): Do you seriously think Mike LoPresti (coach) walked up to us and said “Guys, I want a scoober to the back of the stack right away.”
Salmi: …probably not?
Agan: Of course not.

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Roster Notes
Injuries: Nate Castine and Brad Scott will both miss the full season to undergo surgery to fix a torn hamstring and a nagging hip injury, respectively. Both will still remain involved with Truck throughout the season. Major bummer. Both injuries happened prior to this weekend.

MIA: Cody Johnston was the only other Trucker not present and playing at Pro-Elite Challenge. He’ll join up with Truck for the series.

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